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Students from all majors are invited to go beyond the classroom and develop abilities that will help them become more successful in a globalized community.

The University of Central Florida’s 

 Barcelona Center

for International Experiences

Take summer classes in Barcelona with UCF faculty! The UCF Barcelona Center provides students the ability to experience living and learning abroad and gaining multi-cultural experience, while earning credit toward your degree with other UCF students.

Why Barcelona?

  • Spain’s most visited city
  • Rich Catalan culture and cuisine
  • Cosmopolitan and trendy city
  • Overlooks the magnificent Mediterranean Sea
  • Globally known for its incredible Gaudí and
    Modernist architecture
  • Incredible art and museums
  • Great jumping off point to explore the rest of Spain
    and Europe
Barcelona Beach

Unique Opportunities Abroad

Join the 160+ UCF STUDENTS who have participated in UCF Barcelona Center summer programs! 

important dates

Program dates:  May 25 – June 22, 2024

Application deadline: February 2, 2024

Commitment deadline: February 16, 2024

2024 Areas of Study


GEB 3375:
Introduction to International Business

Course Prerequisites: Junior standing and ACG 2071, ECO 2013 and ECO 2023, each with a C (2.0) or better.

Credit Hours: 3

Course Summary:

Understanding the interdependence of globalized world economy and similarities between domestic and international business domains.

UCF Faculty:

    Computer Science

    COP 2500:
    Concepts in Computer Science

    Course Prerequisites: none

    Credit Hours: 3

    Course Summary:

    Fundamental concepts in program design, data structures, algorithms, analysis and a survey of topics in CS.

    UCF Faculty:


    10/3, 12:00PM, HEC 119

    10/20 at 10:00AM, CB1 105

      Health Sciences

      Two options:

      HSC 2524:
      Introduction to Human Disease

      Prerequisite: BSC 2010C (Biology I) with a grade of C (2.0) or better

      Credit Hours: 3

      Course Summary:
      This course covers basic concepts about health, providing a general, working definition of health and diseases that impact our world.

      Beyond learning about the basics of human disease, this course challenges students to break down medical terminology and complex ideas to be understandable to average people—a valuable skill to any health professional!

      UCF Faculty:


      Fundamentals of Human Nutrition

      Prerequisite: none

      Credit Hours: 3

      Course Summary:

      Overview of nutrient functions, properties, deficiencies, guidelines, requirements, digestion, absorption, regulation, and their role in human health and related food and nutrition issues.

      UCF Faculty:


      Two options:

      FSS 3008:
      Culture and Cuisine

      Prerequisites: HFT 1000 and FSS 2221C

      Credit Hours: 3

      Course Summary:

      The major historical and geographical developments that have affected the creation of the cuisines of the world.

      UCF Faculty:


      HFT 4155:
      International Theme Park and Attraction Management

      Prerequisites: HFT 2390 – Introduction to Theme Park and Attraction Management

      Credit Hours: 3

      Course Summary:

      The global theme park and attraction industry and its unique management challenges.

      UCF Faculty:


       Two options:

      APK 3402:
      Motivational Aspects of Athletic Performance

      Prerequisites: Admission to Kinesiology B.S. or Kinesiology pending, or Fitness Training Minor, or Teacher Education B.S. – Physical Education track.

      Credit Hours: 3

      Course Summary:

      Introduction to theories of attitude, motivation, effort, persistence, mental focus, visualization, and an exploration of techniques to enhance athletic and fitness performance.

      UCF Faculty:



      PEM 2104:
      Personal Fitness and Wellness

      Prerequisite: none

      Credit Hours: 3

      Course Summary:

      Study of personal fitness concepts, with opportunities to develop an individual, optimal level of fitness and an improved lifestyle through high-level wellness.


      UCF Faculty:



      Coming soon!

      Course Prerequisites:

      Credit Hours: 3

      Course Summary:

      UCF Faculty:

        Modern Languages

        SPN 1121:
        Elementary Spanish Language and Civilization

        Course Prerequisites: SPN1120 or equivalent, or instructor consent

        Credit Hours: 4

        Course Summary:
        Introduces students to Spanish culture through the major language skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing. It is open only to students with no experience in this language.


        UCF Faculty:

        Internship Experience

        Internship Experience

        Prerequisites: none

        Credit Hours: 3

        Course Summary:

        Students from all majors can earn UCF credits by working in small groups on discipline/major-based projects for the same Barcelona-based organization. Your group will have weekly meetings with the organization, weekly meetings with your UCF faculty advisor, and collaborate 32 hours per week in your small groups. This will culminate in a presentation to the organization.

        UCF Faculty:


        Pricing is based on participation, so if you are interested, tell your friends to join you! Scholarships are available as well (click here to learn more).

        Estimated price: $4,000-5,000


        • Student dormitory housing
        • Airport reception
        • Resident Directors
        • On-site orientation
        • Excursions & cultural activities
        • Volunteer opportunities
        • … and more!

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        API prides itself on including as much as possible in our program fees to make sure that you have a full and rewarding experience abroad. Here’s a quick list of the most common pieces that API programs include:

        • Pre-departure advising from program experts
        • Tuition and transcripts
        • Housing
        • Excursions/Daytrips
        • Medical Insurance
        • Friendly, local API staff in every destination

        See what's included in API programs.

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        Why API

        API offers best-in-class programming, with student well-being a high priority.

        Our mission is to create better global citizens through international experiential learning. API programs are developed to be transformative, career-boosting experiences that include:

        • Community involvement through optional volunteer programs with API Gives Back
        • Cultural awareness through relevant coursework and time spent in multicultural student groups
        • High-touch student support throughout the program 

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        About API

        Academic Programs International (API) was founded in 1997 and is dedicated to providing high-quality, affordable experiential learning programs. Their extensive pre-departure preparation, coupled with strong support services on-site, facilitates academic, cultural and linguistic learning. Within the supportive environment of the API programs, API participants are encouraged to explore their host communities and become increasingly independent and confident in their own abilities. They strive to make international educational experiences accessible to as many participants as possible, and, as such, works to provide multiple program components at a low program cost.

        Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

        API is committed to providing enriching international experiences to its participants. We believe in the importance of promoting acceptance, dignity, and respect among people of all backgrounds. No matter who you are or where you come from, API will support you during your journey abroad.

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