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Featured Program in Bhutan

Experience the Bhutanese culture and way of life through study abroad in the capital city of Thimphu. Study with Bhutanese students at Royal Thimphu College, Bhutan’s first and only private university institution, administered by the Royal University of Bhutan. Often referred to as the “last Shangri-la”, Bhutan is known for its natural beauty, diverse landscapes, friendly people, and its official national philosophy of “Gross National Happiness“.

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Come Explore Havana, Cuba!

Step back through time to experience Havana’s colonial charm and study abroad in Cuba! Enroll in coursework from the oldest university in Cuba and one of the first to be founded in the Americas.

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API provided me with the tools I needed to succeed, while also challenging me to grow personally, professionally, and academically. API staff were very supportive through the entire process of study abroad – from the pre-departure process, arrival, on-site staff, departure, to return home. I would definitely recommend studying abroad with API because I felt like everyone at API I talked to wanted to actually get to know me and help me grow.

Stephanie M.
API France Alum
Experience France with API

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If you have any additional questions, feel free to reach out to the Office of Experiential Global Learning (EGL) located in the Rowe Center for Undergraduate Education, Room 117.

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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

API is committed to providing enriching international experiences to its participants. We believe in the importance of promoting acceptance, dignity, and respect among people of all backgrounds. No matter who you are or where you come from, API will support you during your journey abroad.

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Who is API?

Academic Programs International (API) is an approved affiliate provider that works closely with U.S. institutions and universities abroad. API was founded in 1997 and is dedicated to providing high-quality, affordable experiential learning programs. API’s extensive pre-departure preparation, coupled with strong support services on-site, facilitates academic, cultural and linguistic learning. Within the supportive environment of the API programs, API participants are encouraged to explore their host communities and become increasingly independent and confident in their own abilities. API strives to make international educational experiences accessible to as many participants as possible, and, as such, works to provide multiple program components at a low program cost.

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